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30 Tips for Sheltering in Place

You may have heard the words “shelter in place” used often over the news or during an emergency situation. But do you really know what this means? Are you fully aware of what you need to do in case you

Trash Can Emergency Survival Kit List

Everyone should have an emergency survival kit on hand in case of an SHTF situation. Because making these survival kits is so popular, there are all different kinds of lists and types of kits out there you can create. The

Learn To Set Up A Survival Perimeter Alarm

Whether you need to secure your home, campsite, or bug out location, setting a survival perimeter alarm is vital. This is the process up putting systems in place that will keep unwanted people or animals from entering your area. There

Wise Food Storage For Long-Term Survival

I’m certainly no stranger to dehydrated and freeze-dried foods as field rations. As a United States Marine, I lived on Meals Ready To Eat (MRE) for weeks at a time. So I understand the need for wise food storage. These

How to Maintain Your Hiking Boots

Maintaining your hiking boots is the last thing you may want to do after a long hike, but getting into this habit matters more than you may think. When you clean and maintain your hiking boots, you can make them

Choosing A Fixed Blade Survival Knife (Part 1)

What is the best survival knife? In previous articles, we discussed choosing a folding survival knife (here and here.) As mentioned, a folding knife might not be your first choice in an emergency situation, just the most convenient to carry

Never Fear The Walking Dead Again With These Badass Weapons

One of my favorite shows, AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead is finally coming back on air August 12, 2018 and it’s got me thinking… If we were really to get hit with a walker-type disaster, sure. Load up on guns,

9 Smart Soda Can Survival Hacks You Need To Know

Check out these soda can survival hacks, and see if you can come up with any survival hacks of your own! I’ve said it before, but I really can’t emphasize this enough: there’s no survival skill more important than improvisation.

A Beta Testers Review Of The New HR-17

I’m known as a “knife guy”. I come from a long line of “knife guys”. Growing up in a rural setting, I was raised that if I wasn’t in school or church than I better have my knife on me.

Tent vs. Hammock Camping: And The Winner Is…

The issue we have to settle: tent or hammock? Camping hammocks have exploded in popularity in recent years, but are they all cracked up to be? Over the past year, I have been toying around with my camping hammock to