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3 Survival Knives You Need From Blade-Tech Industries

On the lookout for survival knives? Blade-Tech Industries focuses on what their customers need in blade technology. They supply members of law enforcement and the armed forces as well as hunting enthusiasts and survival experts. Blade-Tech Industries is ever increasing

Building A Bug Out Bag

Planning to build a bug out bag? A 72-hour bug out bag or “Go Bag” is not just for end-of-the-world scenarios since it is also handy to have around in case of other emergencies. These can include power outages, car

Bug Out Bag Essentials | 30 Uses For Trash Bags

Deciding how to spend available funds in a preparedness budget, especially for a bug out bag is not an easy task. Multi-use items and under $5 survival items are always a favorite of wallet-conscious preppers. Trash bags, even the brand-name

Art of Concealment | How To Make A Camouflage Suit

A perfect camouflage suit will let you seamlessly blend with your surroundings. Even though you can buy camo clothing and ghillie suits from supply stores, making your own will save you money and allow you to customize it. The primary role

My Bug Out Bag Has A Secret…

That’s right, the secret weapon in my bug out bag is pantyhose. Er, maybe I should call them “man-tyhose.” But after you stop laughing you might want to read on to see just why I keep these in my bug

Surviving By The Skin Of Your Teeth: 7 Reasons To Stock Up On Dental Floss

Dental floss does a lot more than help prevent gingivitis. Conveniently compact and incredibly affordable, you have every reason to stock up on it. And, there is no reason not to have at least one pack in your survival gear. Remember

Brutal and Beastly: 13 BADASS Bug Out Vehicles!

A lot of preppers daydream about having the ultimate bug out vehicle. It becomes a hobby for some. For those with plenty of money, it becomes a “Toys for the Big Boys” kind of thing. For those on a budget,