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8 Unusual Booby Traps to Protect Your Home

These booby traps will safeguard your home. Intruders won’t know what hit them if they try to break in. Kickass Booby Traps That Will Protect Your Homestead   Creative Booby Traps to Guard Your Home Remember when Little Kevin, in the

11 Uncommon Aluminum Foil Survival Uses

How many aluminum foil survival uses do you know? Keep reading to find out the various uses of this unsung hero for emergency preparedness! Aluminum Foil Hacks and Survival Uses   A Great Survival Tool In a crisis, you make the

Best Survival Weapons Air Guns

Claiming that airguns are the best survival weapons may seem crazy. I know many of you must be thinking, “How in the world could a children’s toy possible be a good option as a survival weapon? There’s no way these