Amazing Amazon Deals for Your Survival Kit Under $20

The last thing you want to experience while you’re out in the wild is the feeling of helplessness. When you find yourself in a survival situation, you need all the help you can get in the most immediate way possible. That’s why having a complete survival kit within your reach is very important. The items on your kit don’t have to be pricey to be functional. Below are some of the best Amazon deals for survival gear under $20!

Amazon Deals: Save and Survive


1. A2S Paracord Bracelets

A2S Paracord Bracelets | Amazing Amazon Deals for Your Survival Kit Under $20
A2S Paracord Bracelets Photo by Amazon

A2S Paracord Bracelets are a 5-in-1 survival tool. They come with a flint fire starter, fire scrapper, high-quality compass, emergency knife, and whistle. The 12-foot, ultra-strong paracord can hold up to 550 lbs. in any type of situation where a cordage or rope is needed.

In addition, A2S paracord bracelets are not only versatile and functional, but are also fashionable. For only $8.91, you can get this indispensable survival accessory from Amazon or head over to the Survival Life Store for the trusted Stone Mountain paracord bracelet.

2. Titan Emergency Survival Blankets

Titan Emergency Survival Blankets | Amazing Amazon Deals for Your Survival Kit Under $20
Titan Emergency Survival Blankets Photo by Amazon

Titan products have earned the trust of military forces and outdoor aficionados around the world. Their emergency thermal blanket is no different. It features a very reflective silver Mylar on one side of the blanket and their exclusive patent-pending Woodland Shrowd camouflage pattern on the other.

Before heading out on a camping, hiking, or hunting trip, make sure to get Titan survival blankets to protect you from harsh weather conditions.

3. Livabit Venom Extractor Kit

Livabit Venom Extractor Kit | Amazing Amazon Deals for Your Survival Kit Under $20
Livabit Venom Extractor Kit Photo by Amazon

Are you the type of person who digs hiking or camping in lush forests? Do you often encounter venomous snakes there? Well, then you should always carry a Livabit Venom Extractor Kit and protect yourself from snake bites. It can effectively remove poison below your skin in one quick motion using its powerful suction.

In addition, this extractor kit is not just useful for snake bites. You can also use it on bee or wasp stings. The whole pack includes an extractor pump, alcohol pads, antiseptic pads, a small tourniquet, and an instruction manual. You can purchase this kit on Amazon for just $12.98.

4. SE Emergency Outdoor Tube Tent

SE Emergency Outdoor Tube Tent | Amazing Amazon Deals for Your Survival Kit Under $20
SE Emergency Outdoor Tube Tent Photo by Amazon

If you’re looking for a great addition to your hiking, camping, fishing, or hunting gear, then you should get the SE Emergency Outdoor Tube Tent. It is a non-woven, orange material with an aluminum-coated interior that can give your body extra warmth.

With the SE Emergency Tube Tents, you can create a campsite within minutes that can protect you from the blistering heat, strong winds and deep cold, heavy rains, and unrelenting sun. Also, it comes with 9″ zinc-plated carbon steel tent pegs to make your shelter more sturdy. For $19.90 on Amazon, you can have this tent for your next outdoor adventure.

5. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter | Amazing Amazon Deals for Your Survival Kit Under $20
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter Photo by Amazon

LifeStraw is an award-winning water filter prized by millions of people since 2005. It can filter up to a thousand liters of water without using iodine, chlorine, or any harmful chemicals and removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and parasites. It is lightweight and comes with a sealed bag that can fit perfectly in your backpack or survival kit.

No bug-out bag or disaster kit is complete without the LifeStraw Water Filter. For only $14.75 on Amazon, you can have access to potable water while you’re outdoors.

6. Vigilant Personal Alarm

Vigilant Personal Alarm | Amazing Amazon Deals for Your Survival Kit Under $20
Vigilant Personal Alarm Photo by Amazon

One of the fastest-growing sectors in the self-defense industry is personal alarms. Vigilant Personal Alarm has an extremely loud alarm that can draw attention and may result in scaring the perp away. Turn on the alarm just by pressing the button on the front. What’s more? There’s a different button to deactivate it, making it hard for the culprits to take it down.

In the event of a battery failure, it has a built-in whistle, which you can use in emergency situations. This little security device can make a difference between life and death, and you can get it on Amazon for only $15.99.

7. Stealth Angel Compact 8-in-1 Survival Kit

Stealth Angel Compact 8-in-1 Survival Kit | Amazing Amazon Deals for Your Survival Kit Under $20
Stealth Angel Compact 8-in-1 Survival Kit Photo by Amazon

Having the right tool at the right time can make a huge difference in ensuring your safety. The Stealth Angel Compact 8-in-1 Survival Kit consists of high-quality items that can match a wide array of possible scenarios. The pack includes the following:

  • Professional tact flashlight – 350 Lumen XML Q5
  • 11-in-1 multi-function pocket card
  • Heavy-duty aircraft aluminum tactical pen
  • High-frequency whistle
  • Large ferrocerium rod flint
  • Lightweight emergency compass
  • Ultra-bright keychain LED flashlight
  • Compact waterproof durable carrying case

The whole kit is compact enough to fit in your backpack, your office drawer, or in your car. With this kit, you can survive a number of emergency situations.


Looking for more affordable Amazon deals? Watch this video from Wranglerstar and check out the most inexpensive survival kit on Amazon:

One of the keys to survival is preparation. Having the necessary tools when you need them most can mean the difference between survival and death. There are a lot of survival products out in the market to choose from and add to your arsenal. Just remember, you don’t have to pay through your nose for a survival item when you can find fully-functional and decent gear that won’t cost you a fortune, like these Amazon sale items. These items will not only save your life, but they will also save you a good amount of money.

Do you know other Amazon deals that can help our fellow preppers? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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